Ladies Mini Skirts

A few tips on how to wear a Ladies Mini Skirt

Worn correctly, a Ladies Mini Skirts can be cute, sexy, and sophisticated. Worn wrong, however, they can look cheap and unflattering. Although the length of mini skirts can vary from ultra short micro-minis to more conservative short skirts, the tips you need to keep in mind when wearing this type of attire are basically the same regardless of length.

One of the tips to wearing a mini skirt in a way that’s flattering is to create balance. A mini skirt, whether it’s a micro-mini or mid-thigh mini, shows a lot of leg. To create balance with your blouse, choose blouses that don’t show as much skin. With fitted or straight minis, choose a loose, flowy blouse style that balances the shortness of the skirt.

A textured blouse or top with a high neckline can also provide balance to a mini skirt. This can work even in warmer weather — for example a sleeveless woven top with a mock neck. The result is both sophisticated and sexy.

Another great way to wear a Mini Skirt is to pair them with Boots

Another great way to wear mini skirts is to pair them with boots in a coordinating color. Like tights, boots can provide a bit of added leg coverage. For autumn or spring, wear a denim mini with a medium-weight knit sweater. A sweater that’s too big and chunky will overpower the skirt, while a skintight sweater looks overdone, so go for a top that’s in-between the two extremes to look your best.

For a flirty, Sexy, way to look try a ruffled, fluffy mini skirt

For a flirty look – or just to stay as cool as possible on a blistering day – try a ruffled, fluffy mini skirt. This style is causal yet feminine, so you can’t go wrong. Pair it with a camisole or tank in a complementary color for a fun look that will help keep you comfortable and cute.

Now that you have a number of ideas on how to wear mini skirts in a stylish and attractive way, it’s time to update your wardrobe with a few short skirts of your own. Whether you want to look like a runway model in a micro mini, create a unique casual look, or pull off a polished vibe with a layered ensemble, mini skirts can be versatile and flattering

Now that you a few ideas on how to wear your sexy mini skirt it time to Go Shopping

A sexy ruffled, fluffy mini skirt

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