A Guide to purchasing a Ladies Suit

As a female working in the corporate sector, you will be required to look the part, which is why women’s suits are widely popular. However, women’s suits aren’t limited to only those working in the corporate sector. If you’re working in a casual work environment, you’ll also need women’s suits for special occasions. Here are some things to look out for before you invest in

Woman Wearing Suit with Skirt


In most professional establishments, they have a conservative dress code that they follow, and skirt suits look smarter than pantsuits. Your suit should be classy and simple in neutral colors like black, navy, beige, white, cream, and brown. These are amazing colors for summertime.

The skirt should be shortened just below the kneecap or above it, and please avoid blouses for skirt suits that reveal too much skin. To make sure your shirts look good on you, go for designs that offer waistlines and reinforcement to give you some needed structure.


If you are leaning towards a pantsuit for a more casual environment, look for professional and comfortable. One that is straight cut or a bit flared at the edge so that it will pair perfectly with your dress boots or heels. Also, if you prefer a structured high-waisted style, the flat-front pants should be your first choice.

Woman Wearing Chic Suit


To get a suitable suit for your body type, you need to be aware of your body areas that require special attention. For curvy women, you should go for suits with rounded lapels, wide necklines, and double-breasted jackets to give you a good fitting. Women’s suits with straight-cut jackets, pointed lapels, pants, or skirts are more suitable for tall, angular women.

If you’re one of the busty types, it’s customary that you would want your blazer to have more buttons and not fewer. If you follow the trends, you will discover that most trendy suits have around four or five buttons, making them a great fit. Meanwhile, stay away from zippers and go for jackets with buttons instead.

When you wear a badly fitting suit, it tends to reduce your confidence among your smartly dressed peers, brimming with confidence and looking amazing.

Here are some body types and suitable wears for it:

Straight Body Types

There is less bust with the straight body type, and the hips and waist are aligned roughly. For this body type, high and low rise trousers are efficient.

Hourglass Body Type

The hourglass body type has hips and busts in equal measure, and they usually have a small waist. This body type is suitable for blazer jackets and high-waisted trousers, with waist belts to make it look amazing. Women’s suits that are styled with wrap-jackets also look good on this body type.


If you don’t want to look awful in your appearance, you need to pay attention to your body type and go for something that fits you perfectly. Don’t forget that people will address you as you are dressed.

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