How to wear a Mini Skirt

By Mary Gormandy White, M.A., SHRM-SCP, SPHR M.A., Former Retail Merchandiser

Flattering Mini Skirts

Worn correctly, mini skirts can be cute, sexy, and sophisticated. Worn wrong, however, they can look cheap and unflattering. Although the length of mini skirts can vary from ultra short micro-minis to more conservative short skirts, the tips you need to keep in mind when wearing this type of attire are basically the same regardless of length.

Balance with Blouses

One of the tips to wearing a mini skirt in a way that’s flattering is to create balance. A mini skirt, whether it’s a micro-mini or mid-thigh mini, shows a lot of leg. To create balance with your blouse, choose blouses that don’t show as much skin. With fitted or straight minis, choose a loose, flowy blouse style that balances the shortness of the skirt.

High Neckline Top

A textured blouse or top with a high neckline can also provide balance to a mini skirt. This can work even in warmer weather — for example a sleeveless woven top with a mock neck. The result is both sophisticated and sexy.

Pair with Opaque Tights

Another secret to wearing mini skirts that makes them look sleek is pairing them with opaque tights. This provides coverage of the leg while still offering a flattering look. A slightly more revealing blouse can be worn if you pair a mini with tights. Wear with heels for a dressy look, or opt for fun colored tights and casual shoes for a dressed-down option.

Mini Skirts with Boots

Another great way to wear mini skirts is to pair them with boots in a coordinating color. Like tights, boots can provide a bit of added leg coverage.

Denim Minis with Sweaters

For autumn or spring, wear a denim mini with a medium-weight knit sweater. A sweater that’s too big and chunky will overpower the skirt, while a skintight sweater looks overdone, so go for a top that’s in-between the two extremes to look your best.

Beach-Ready Minis

Mini skirts are a perfect beach-ready staple, easy to throw on over a swimsuit, and chic choice for warmer weather. Pair a casual short skirt with a light, layered cami for a cute and relaxed feel.

Flirty Ruffles

For a flirty look – or just to stay as cool as possible on a blistering day – try a ruffled, fluffy mini skirt. This style is causal yet feminine, so you can’t go wrong. Pair it with a camisole or tank in a complementary color for a fun look that will help keep you comfortable and cute.

Professional Mini Look

For the most part, mini skirts aren’t appropriate business attire. One option to wear a mini to the office, however, is by layering with other pieces for coverage. Leggings, boots, and a turtleneck top underneath the mini make it sleek and elegant rather than overly sexy.

Black and White

If you want to stand out in a crowd, consider choosing a short white skirt and pairing it with a black top and black patterned tights or knee socks. This completely black and white look is eye-catching without being over the top.

Black Mini with Colorful Top

Black minis can be quite sophisticated, especially when paired with a flattering, colorful top. Choose an elegant blouse with ruffles or ruching for a dressy occasion or opt for something more casual when you want a more informal look.

Monochrome Mini and Blouse

Turn heads and look sleek and gorgeous by pairing a mini skirt with a blouse in the same color, or a similar color family. The result is a longer look that is more dressy and polished than a contrasting top and skirt.

Muted Tones for Fall

Pairing all neutral or muted tones together is a great choice for fall. Top off the look with a simple cap and add dark tights to keep you looking casual without feeling as if you’re exposing too much. It’s a much fresher, more feminine look than blue jeans and a pullover when the weather starts turning cool.

Rock Star Mini

If you want to look like a rock star, take a denim or patterned mini and pair it with neon tights or leggings. Pumps and a big belt complete the look. This is not for the faint-hearted — but may be just right for an 80s party or a concert event.

Metallic Bubble Skirt

Metallics are often considered “in” as far as trends go. Take your own spin and make your metallic piece your skirt for a youthful look. A metallic bubble skirt pairs beautifully with fitted tops in subdued tones for a modern, trend-setting look.

Black Sequins

Black sequins can provide a more sophisticated way to shine than metallics. With the right top and accessories, a black sequin mini can be a great choice for a dress-up evening occasion that doesn’t call for true formal wear.

Figure Flattering Mini Skirts

Mini skirts don’t have to be fashions reserved solely for young women and those who are pencil-thin. Most women can sport mini-skirt looks — just choose a style that is flattering to you. Minis in A-line, kilt, or wrap styles are more forgiving and figure flattering than super-fitted or micro-mini styles.

Versatile Minis

Now that you have a number of ideas on how to wear mini skirts in a stylish and attractive way, it’s time to update your wardrobe with a few short skirts of your own. Whether you want to look like a runway model in a micro mini, create a unique casual look, or pull off a polished vibe with a layered ensemble, mini skirts can be versatile and flattering.

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