Ladies Slacks

The formal wear of Ladies Slacks have become a wardrobe staple for many – our tips will help you invest in the best!

Formal Ladies Slacks are a wardrobe staple for most women. They are mostly used for work and therefore expected to be worn and washed frequently, making them a piece of clothing worth investing in. If you find a slacks style that fits you well, it is wise to buy more than one pair, possibly selecting different leg shapes  to suit different shoes. Slacks often come in classic colors like black or navy, making them so versatile that you can wear them for any occasion.

Fabric facts

Fabric quality is very important in slacks as they need to withstand active wear  and frequent laundering. Go for a good quality structure, in both light summer and heavier winter fabrics. Most formal slacks are available in synthetic fabrics, but natural materials like 100% wool or cotton provide more comfort and breathability. Choose sustainable options such as organic cotton where possible. These fabrics can also be found blended with synthetics such as (recycled) polyester for increased durability and Lycra for stretch. Look for fabrics with anti-pilling finishes as they help protect against pilling (bobbling) and colour loss over time.

Double the benefit

If you manage to find your favorite slacks, it is worth buying two pairs as slacks tend to wear out much faster  than tops. Buying slacks that can be taken up makes them more versatile as they can be altered to suit different styles of shoes. Once your slacks are the correct length, ensure the hems are well secured to prevent fraying.

Color code

Classic colors like grey, navy or black are the most versatile colours and not surprisingly the most used in slacks as they suit the widest range of tops, shoes, accessories, and occasions in general. Pastel and bold colors can also be more commonly found in women’s slacks, and  these can be paired with dark or white tops from your wardrobe.

Who cares, wins

To help make your slacks last longer, try to maximize the number of wears between washes, and regularly air them. Before the first wash, carefully check the care label and stick to the care instructions. Most wool sacks are likely to be ‘dry clean only’, however, you can also find some that are machine washable. Always wash your slacks inside out, following the recommended wash cycle and temperature.
Ensure you close the zip and fasten the buttons/hooks before placing them in the machine to avoid them snagging other garments. If the slacks are made from wool, remember to follow our tips to prevent moth damage.

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