Dress Watches

So you want to buy a Dress Watch

Like a nice suit, or Dress it’s easy to see why you’d want to opt for a reliable dress watch in your collection. “At least one” is what you always hear. Yet, as simple as it sounds, the hunt may seem daunting for some. Initially, you might not think of dress watches as having as much variety as a diver or a racing chronograph. However, you can find a dress watch as simple as a time-only, two-handed display to a full on perpetual calendar. Even if it isn’t obvious at first, you can actually be quite expressive with your choice of a dress watch. Remember, the idea of what a dress watch can be has changed over the years. So, the dress watch guide in this article isn’t exactly law. However, if you’re a traditionalist or simply searching for something that’s aesthetically “pure,” the classical idea of what a dress watch is might be what you’re looking for. All in all, the dress watch features & esthetics might seem basic, but the range of options are vast. Get tips for buying a dress watch from Crown & Caliber with this dress watch buying guide.

Characteristics of a Dress Watch

As varied as they can be, there are still some “core” characteristics you should look for when shopping for a dress watch.

  • Slim profile that allows for a comfortable and appropriate fit with formal attire
  • Minimal set of complications, which may even result in the absence of a seconds hand
  • High-quality leather strap, though slim bracelets are also an option
  • Smaller case diameter that typically falls between 36mm and 40mm
  • Occasional use of precious metals

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