Ladies Jeans

How to buy Ladies Jeans

You may have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find that one perfect Prince and the same goes for buying the right kind of Ladies Jeans. Ladies Jeans shopping is always a challenge. Good jeans cost a lot and buying what everyone else is buying is the recipe for looking the worst. You will have to know some, try some and go out and buy some to get it right finally. 

Most of the people buy relaxed fit jeans with a mid-rise (the standard) and are happy with their purchase. But when it comes to other styles that suit their body shape particularly, they are confused. They are right to be confused, there are so many different styles.

If you have a perfect figure you can buy any jeans and look good in it. Let us be honest, only the models who advertise the jeans brands have perfect bodies. What we have is an ok figure with many flaws; And you can buy jeans that can de-emphasize these flaws and make you look fabulous.

The most important things to look out for in a jeans are your waist and hip size (does the zip close comfortably without you sucking in the breath), the cut of the leg opening (depending on your bodyshape), length of the jeans (does it skim the top of your shoes) and the length of the rise (see if you can sit without revealing your underwear) and overall fit.

How to get the Fit right?

Measure yourself first. Using a flexible measuring tape, Measure around hips and waist (loosely). You need to measure the natural waist and low waist measurement (some jeans brands have this). Measure the inseam length (from crotch to down). You need to get a jeans which fit you where you are the largest. If it doesnot, the jeans is of no use to you. 

Jeans fit terms

Slim fit (an overall good fit without being too figure hugging)

Skinny Fit (a body hugging fit tapering towards the hem) which is almost the same as Tapered fit (fit comfortably till the thigh and taper to a narrower ankle) 

Regular Fit (standard fit of jeans) which is almost the same as, Straight Fit Jeans (straight from the thigh to the hemline). 

Then there is the Boot-cut (the leg flares from knee to hem) which is the same as wide leg jeans (wider at the bottom). 

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