Ladies Skirts

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Ladies Skirts come in a wide variety of lengths and types. This comprehensive guide explains the differences and how to wear them. As with all apparel, skirts can be made in a variety of different fabrics — which typically determines if the skirt is casual, professional, or suitable for evening wear.

Ladies Short Skirt Styles

Nothing showcases a great pair of legs like a short skirt. These hit above the knee, but they still come in several shapes and fabrics to suit almost any occasion (except maybe school or work).

Ladies Mini-skirt

The term mini-skirt is used to describe skirts with hemlines that are well above the knee, often halfway up the thigh. This skirt was popularized in the “Swinging Sixties,” with designer Mary Quant and model Jean Shrimpton bringing the style into prominence.

  • Mini-skirts can be paired with a variety of different tops, depending on the situation and one’s personal style. For a night out with friends, a tighter, more fitted top would be appropriate; for a more casual day out, it would be best to wear a more conservative top – long sleeved, with a looser fit – to balance out the shortness of the skirt. 
  • The mini-skirt is best worn by younger women with either an apple-shaped body type or boyish shape. 
  • To pull off the mini-skirt style in a more modest way, pair the skirt with leggings or tights for a stylish look that doesn’t show extra skin.

A Vast Selection of Ladies Skirts

With so many styles to choose among, there are plenty of skirt options to suit everyone. No matter what your taste or body style – or the type of occasion you are dressing for – there’s a skirt that will meet your needs.

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