Genuine Leather
STYLISH LEATHER OUTBACK HAT THAT PROTECTS YOU FROM THE ELEMENTS — Our Leather Bushman Outback Hat is not just for show. This hat is tough! Designed to withstand the elements, the unique leather design and wide brim protects you from the scorching sun and the water-resistant construction protects you from the rain. Perfect for protecting you in the mountains, relaxing on your favorite beach, exploring on horseback or chilling on your favorite patio with a drink in hand.
GENUINE LEATHER HAT THAT IS VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE — This hat goes beyond just looking good. Its highly-durable construction features premium genuine leather. It can be packed and crushed and still hold its shape. It quickly springs back to its originally shape making it easy to pack and travel with. It is perfect for a simple day gardening or a long day on the Appalachian.
COMFORT DRIVEN FASHION — This hat does not compromise comfort for style and is perfect for any occasion. Our Bushman Outback Hat lacks neither style nor craftsmanship. It compliments both casual and formal attire. The lightweight design makes this hat comfortable for daily use. The vented holes in the crown offer breathability and encourage air circulation to keep you from feeling hot and sweaty.
PERFECT HAT FOR ANY OUTDOOR ADVENTURE RAIN OR SHINE — Perfect for any outdoor adventure this wide-brimmed hat protects your face and neck from the sun and rain. It is the perfect hat for hiking through the mountains, relaxing on your favorite beach or a stylish walk-through town.
HANDCRAFTED IN THE USA — Handmade by talented artisans in California, USA the professional craftsmanship of this hat is apparent. The unique details stand out and give you that classic style that can be worn for all occasions. Offered in a stunning copper or brown color with a handcrafted braided leather band, this hat is equally at home on the ranch, in the mountains or on your favorite patio.


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